Mindshift Triangles

How to Use

Explore the sides of the triangle and locate your current mindset

Tilt to reveal the mindset shift

Use this paper desk companion to remind yourself to shift your mindset with frameworks from Conscious Leadership, Karpman Drama Triangle, and the Enneagram.

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Framework #1: Control, Approval, Security from Conscious Leadership

In Conscious Leadership, the goal is first to recognize and acknowledge the feelings of threat and desire. There is nothing wrong for having desires, but to recognize it as just that. If you can let go of the “wanting” feeling, you can realize that control, approval, and security comes from within and is already there.

Framework #2: Villain, Hero, Victim from Karpman Drama Triangle

Getting out of the Drama triangle first relies on an act of will. The villain can chose to not point fingers, but to challenge themselves and others to rise to the occasion. The hero can chose to no longer provide quick fixes and coach others to help themselves. The victim can chose to not be at the effect of the situation, but create their own situation. This reframing allows us to take ownership of the situation and find productive solutions.

Framework #3: Anger, Shame, Fear from the Enneagram

Working through these feelings help to understand the core issue. All feelings are valid because they are there to protect you. Understanding where the feelings come from, the reoccurring patterns in our lives, and the desire underneath will help you shift.

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